Chooketeria TM Chicken Feeders

Chooketeria TM Chicken Feeders available in Single and Double

If your chooks are sharing their food with flocks of sparrows, mynahs, blackbirds, starlings and rodents then here's an idea. Fill the Chooketeria™ with chookchow and your chickens can help themselves when they're hungry.
The lid opens for bantams upward and closes when they step off.

Your chickens are probably sharing their food with flocks of wild birds and rodents. In fact you could be losing 40% or more of your poultry feed that way. 

That’s why we designed the Chooketeria, fill it up with any sort of food from kitchen scraps, grain or pellets and your chooks can help themselves when they're hungry without attracting all those freeloaders.

A Chooketeria can be opened by the smallest bantam up to big meat birds, ducks, guinea fowl and most other poultry. The Chooketeria™ self service, automatic feeder holds approximately 5kgs and the All-Rounder 10kgs of grain or pellets which will be kept perfectly dry in all weather conditions.

Chooketerias are built tough to last in laser cut aluminum with stainless steel fittings so they won’t rust.

To see a short demo CLICK HERE