Longlife® Netting

The Longlife Blue colour® netting range is designed for a wide variety of applications.

Use as an “apron” on fences which can be laid flat on the ground or buried in a trench, as an added barrier against burrowing animals such as wild dogs, foxes, rabbits, wallabies and wombats
90cm and 105cm wide netting can be used for infills on timber post and rail fences
Netting pattern is produced in reverse twist to better absorb impact
Two ply selvedge wire is used to give the netting added strength
Wire Size Suggested Application Features Roll Length (m)
30/4/1.4* Repairing existing netting fences, tree guards Small height, good for repairs or as a skirt on pre-fab 100
60/4/1.4 Repairing existing netting fences, tree guards, attach to the base of existing fences for feral animal control Good attachment to the base of existing fences for feral animal control 100
90/4/1.4 Rabbit-proof fencing, boundary & house fencing, tree guards  Standard height, use as a stand-alone fence with belly wires 50/100
90/5/1.6 Garden trellising, poultry enclosures, gardening, tree guards Standard height, wider spacing & wider diameter for strength 50
105/4/1.4 Rabbit-proof fencing, boundary & house fencing, tree guards Taller stand-alone fence for larger jobs 50/100
120/5/1.6 Commercial fish traps, feral fencing, poultry & animal enclosures Taller fence withh increased wire diameter 50
180/4/1.4 Poultry & animal enclosures Taller fence, tight spacing's for increased barrier protection 50
180/5/1.6  Commercial fish traps, feral fencing, poultry & animal enclosures   Taller fence, wider spacing & diameter for greater impact strength 50 

 * 30/4/1.4: 30cm fence height; 4cm mesh spacing; 1.4mm wire diameter

  **     Highlighted items are ordered in and not usually held in stock