Bahco Loppers

Bahco Loppers are Super light professional loppers suited for pruning and training vines.

Bahco Vineyard Lopper (P114-SL-40)

Shorter-reach professional vineyard lopper. Special cutting blade designed for live wood. It's easy to cut green wood with the forged counter blade with sap groove for more cutting between cleanings. Perfect shape of cutting head: 1 1/4-inch cutting capacity. In-tube assembled blade and counter blade fixed with tube reducers. Soft bumpers for more comfort, and the thin, long handles make the tool easy to handle.

Bahco Vineyard Lopper (P116-SL-40)

Shorter-reach professional bypass lopper for pruning and training all kinds of vines. Blade with two different edge radii for quick and powerful cuts and to finish the cut smoothly and easily. Very robust forged counter-blade. Blade and cutting edge are designed pruner aggressively, but with less effort. Very comfortable to use with its soft rubber bumpers between the handles to prevent fatigue.

Bahco Tradition Lopper (P16--60-F)

Professional bypass lopper for pruning