Castrol Agri Transmission Oils

Agri Trans Plus - Agri AS Trans Plus - TQD-111 - EPX80W-90 - EPX85W-140 LSX85w-140 TFC-410 TFC-450(20L)

Castrol Agri Trans Plus

CASTROL AGRI TRANS PLUS is a multipurpose, wet brake transmission fluid for use in hydraulics, transmissions and PTO’s.

Universal transmission fluid

Formulated with enhanced corrosion protection properties. Gives highest levels of wear prevention from start-up and throughout the operative period.

Castrol Agri AS Trans Plus

CASTROL AGRI AS TRANS PLUS is a universal, wet brake transmission/hydraulic fluid designed to satisfy the various requirements of most tractor and farm machinery manufacturers. The AS (anti-squawk) characteristics of the formulation help to minimise the effect of wet brake chatter

Anti-squawk transmission fluid

Universal tractor transmission fluid specifically formulated to protect wet brakes from squawk.


Reduces/eliminates brake chatter

Improves brake efficiency 

Prolongs equipment life

Lowers maintenance costs


Castrol TQD-III



Automatic transmission fluid formulated to the Dexron® III specification. Provides enhanced friction durability, wear performance, oxidation resistance and cold temperature fluidity. May be used in all vehicles where Dexron® fluids are recommended.


Castrol TQF

Automatic transmission fluid formulated to satisfy the frictional characteristics, and wear resistance of the Ford M2C-33G specification to ensure transmission durability. The fluid has higher clutch pack friction than Dexron® type fluids. Also meets John Deere J-21A specification.
Castrol EPX 80W-90
Multipurpose gearbox, steering gear and differential oil for passenger cars, light trucks, farm tractors and earthmoving equipment. SAE 80W-90, API GL5.
Castrol EPX 85W-140
High viscosity mineral gear oil designed for heavy duty truck, farm and earth moving gearboxes and differentials. SAE 85W-140, API GL5.
Castrol LSX 85W-140
Extreme pressure gear oil designed for use in differentials, gearboxes and steering gears of heavier cars, trucks, farm machinery and earthmoving equipment. Specially recommended for ISUZU GM, Holden Rodeo and Jackeroo limited slip differentials for smoother performance. SAE 85W-140, API GL5