Speedy Grease™

Speedy Grease™ is now officially the fastest and most reliable grease gun in Australia. Don’t take our word for it though, trial the difference yourself. This patented Italian-made technology is now available for the first time Down Under. Offering an exceptional pressure of 800bars (11,200PSI) and 2.5cc of grease per shot - that’s twice the pump rate of traditional guns so you can get on with the job faster

Patented Italian-made Speedy Grease™ technology is now available for the first time Down Under. Rather than using pressure from a spring as found in traditional grease guns, it works on suction to deliver pumping pressures of up to 11,200 psi (77,220 kPa). This is claimed to double the pump rate and significantly improve cold weather performance.

Its unique twin handle design allows the user to choose between double and single-handed operation, the latter made possible by the 60 kg rated magnet on the fixed handle that secures the gun to any flat steel surface, and the 80 cm long flexible hose.

  • High capacity gun 
  • 80 cm flexible extension 
  • Genuine 11,200 PSI 
  • Quality 4 jaws coupler 
  • 2 year replacement warranty 
  • Suitable for all 450g cartridges
  • No wearable parts
  • 2 hand 1 hand operation
  • Easy to attach to any metal surface