The Tobacco & Associated Farmers Co-operative Limited (TAFCO) is a farmers co-operative which was formed in 1987 by tobacco growers to operate as an agricultural merchandising co-operative to service tobacco growers and other primary producers. Being a co-operative profits are retained in local communities and equitably distributed amongst members.

TAFCO has a broad horticultural base with a total membership in excess of 750 farmers many operating multi commodity farming enterprises and over 500 Community Members without shares. Share capital has been capped at $600,000 $1.00 shares which are held by the shareholder members of our co-operative. The continued investment into the co-operative by new and existing members has played a role in the opening of our store at 215 Great Alpine Road, Myrtleford in 1998.


To meet the main objective TAFCO entered into a Franchise Agreement with (then) Dalgety Farmers and began trading as Dalgety Farmers Myrtleford. The annual turnover at this time was approximately $600,000.

On July 1st 1995 TAFCO became independent from Dalgety Farmers and commenced operating as TAFCO Rural Supplies. Our current turnover peaked at $8,000,000 in 2021-22 having taken over 12 years to recover from the demise of the tobacco industry.

Service to members

As a co-operative, TAFCO is conscious of the need to service members – Commodity groups serviced by TAFCO include winegrape, vegetable, hops, rubus, nut producers and pastoralists.

TAFCO provides a delivery service throughout the region, saving farmers time and money by having a broad range of agricultural goods delivered to their farm.

In response to changing agricultural needs of the region TAFCO has demonstrated commitment to developing new horticultural enterprises in the region. In addition to supporting the tobacco growing industry TAFCO has been pro-active in assisting the development of new horticultural industries:-

  • Provision of administrative support to the McColl Report – Agribusiness Strategic Plan for the Ovens & King areas
  • The formation of Alpine Produce – a vegetable grower commodity group under the TAFCO umbrella.
  • The provision of guest speakers at winegrape & other growers meetings.
  • TAFCO has representation on the Victorian Farmers Federation – Horticultural Group
  • TAFCO was a key member of the Post Tobacco Action Group (P-TAG formed in 2006 due to the loss of the Australian tobacco industry) and co-ordinated the succesful Alpine Valleys Outlook Conference held in Myrtleford Nov. 2007
  • 2007-2008 SMARTchoice NLP community support project is managed by TAFCO
  • Alpine Valleys Agrifood initiative – represented on Steering Committee (2009-2010)
  • CSIRO Upper Ovens Sustainable Communities Project – represented on Project Team
  • 2009-2011 SMARTchoice II – Caring for Our Country Project
  • 2010-2011 RIRDC – The Potential to Produce Pumpkin Seed for Processing in North East Victoria
  • 2011-12 Chestnut Industry Biosecurity Project – Horticulture Aust
  • 2013 Facilitation of Production Opportunity Information Evenings on SAFFRON and HAZELNUTS and BEEF Field Day on Livestock Handling and Bull Selection
  • 2015-16 Feasibility Study for a Myrtleford Farmers Epicurean Market
  • 2016 – Established the Myrtleford Farmers Market – a monthly accredited farmers market held in Myrtlefords Piazza
  • 2016-2017 Farm Smart Project ‘Adoption of Sustainable Management Practices in the Ovens, King and Kiewa Valleys”
  • 2019 – Look Over the Farm Gate – Series of social evenings on farm at King Valley, Mt.Beauty, Whorouly and Myrtleford.
  • 2019 Managing Pastures in Drought – hands on sessions held in King and Kiewa Valleys and Whorouly
  • 2022 Increasing Producer Use of the TAFCO online weather stations (AgriFutures – Producer Technology Uptake Program)


The role of TAFCO has developed into much more than an outlet for agricultural merchandise for farmers. Representation on various consultative committees is built into our unwritten business plan.

The pro active approach by Directors of TAFCO has seen our business develop over the past 35 years and will see our business expand into the future at an optimum level. One example of the Directors pro active approach, is the introduction of observers to participate in Directors Meetings. Young farmers are invited to attend Directors Meetings and participate in discussion regarding the business. Although observers have no voting rights, Directors believe that this is ‘training’ and preparing young people in agribusiness to take on roles in the future whether it be TAFCO or other organisations.


TAFCO is fortunate to employ a small staff team of people, who work extremely well together to meet our members needs. We aim to provide members with a friendly and efficient service at competitive prices.  TAFCO employs seven full time including one trainee 

  • Rupert Shaw (General Manager)
  • Kerry Murphy (Secretary)
  • Tracey Whitehead (Administration Officer)
  • Glenn Cousins (Manager – Merchandise sales)
  • Gerard Sacco (Merchandise Sales – deliveries)
  • Mitch Clark (Trainee Retail)
  • Ron Long (Merchandise Sales)
  • Tony Vescio (Merchandise Sales)
  • Caitlin Seymour (Casual Merchandise Sales)
  • Ida Vescio (Casual Merchandise Sales)