TAFCO – Workwear

We stock the essentials from the best brands to protect you from accidents and the weather.

Boots, Gloves, Wetweather Gear, Hats and PPE




Amare Safety

Styx Mill

Rhino Gloves

 TAFCO – Workwear
 TAFCO – Workwear
 TAFCO – Workwear
 TAFCO – Workwear

TAFCO is an Australian Independent Rural Retailer (AIRR)

Australian Independent Rural Retailers was founded with the mission to support your local independent rural retailer.

Locally owned and operated independent retailers are the backbone of country Australia and the local communities that they proudly service.

Your local AIRR member carries a wide range of leading brands of animal health, crop protection, fencing, electric fencing, farm management, water, pet, equine & poultry products. The ultimate one stop shop for farmers, growers, producers, pet owners & horse owners Australia wide.